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For the white working class peeps and the men in particular,
This tale is a word of warning,
Your pink sky in the morning.

You can do anything with words…In a profound and thrilling mix of music and storytelling, head/lining is a lyrical deep dive inside the mind of an ordinary white boy as he comes to terms with his noxious upbringing and orbits mental breakdown.A crackling indie rock gig that tears itself open to confront fragments of society, family and self, this fearless one-person play grapples with class, identity and prejudice in modern Britain.

Performed by Charlie Heptinstall and Jordan El-Balawi
Written by Charlie Heptinstall
Directed by Matt Strachan
Composed by Dan Follows
Movement Directed by Tessa Guerrero


Important information:

This show contains descriptions of suicide and some references to sexual assault that some may find distressing