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Ever read your grandmother’s suicide note? Sophie has.

 Sophie Bentinck is a brave, sensitive, brutally honest artist from London. She makes work about hair, suicide and taxi journeys. Her shows feel like children whispering under a table at a grown-up party, sunrises and men in eyeliner. Audiences leave saying ‘this is genius.’

 ‘Pauline’ (work in progress) is a hilarious and heart-warming journey of self-discovery as Sophie begins to talk to her mum about the grandmother she never knew. Three women are brought to life on stage as Sophie introduces us to her mum, via frank recorded interviews and her grandmother, Pauline through extracts from Pauline’s never before seen diaries. Be prepared to witness a rare, intimate and salacious glimpse into what it has meant to be a woman in this family as far back as 1921.

 Somewhere between ‘Who do you think you are’ and trying on your mum’s high heels, this show will make you want to dig a little deeper into your own family history and leave the theatre gagging to get on the blower to your nearest and dearest.

 So, join Sophie as she boldly goes where she hasn’t dared to before, and asks… ‘Mum, can we talk about this?’